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About us

founded by parents with many years

experience of German Saturday School as teachers and administrators. 

We are a parent-run organisation

The German Saturday School Forest Hill was the first German Saturday 

School in "inner" South East London and was established in 2010.

The Aim

was to offer parents in and around Forest Hill a Saturday School  on their 

doorstep.  Now children from a much larger catchment area attend our school.


Our priority

is to create a friendly and intimate environment in which children

and parents are at home.  We therefore offer small classes with parents 

taking turns to assist the teachers.


age 4 to 16, are divided into 5 classes, including a GCSE class - and for parents who want to learn German, there is also an adult class.

Our Children

As our classes

are conducted solely in German, it is important that children understand German in order to enjoy actively participating.


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